Glennie Rodgers


Name : Glennie Rodgers
Birthday : May 30, 1993
Years surfing : 17
Favorite food : Ice Cream
Hobbies : When I’m not surfing or at school, I’m hiking, riding my bike, or eating ice cream!
Most inspirational moment as a surf instructor :  I’ve been surfing my whole life and I’ve always loved the ocean. My dad put me on the nose of his long board in Waikiki when I was 3. I’ve been working with surf happens for 3 years now, but I did camp and ASP starting at age 6. The most inspirational thing about working with people in the ocean is watching them get over their fears and stand up on that first wave. It’s always gratifying to help a person find their courage. I’m from Santa Barbara born and raised, but I spent two years on Oahu for school (and surfing).  I’ve traveled to many different countries and surfed lots of different types of waves.