Jenna Dotts


Name : Jenna Dotts
Birthday : Feb 7th 1989
Years surfing : 16 years
Favorite food : Avocados
Hobbies : Going to concerts, listening to music, crocheting, trivia nights
Most inspirational moment as a surf instructor : here are too many to count. I feel like everyday is inspirational. Getting kids over their fears. Working with the First Descents, Adults Surviving Cancer, group.

I am 25 years old and have grown up in the beach towns of Southern Cali. I was exposed to surfing around age 9 when I began going to Junior Lifeguards during the summer. When I turned 13, I met some friends who had a passion for surfing, and I began to surf more proactively. In the summer before high school, a boy on the surf team saw me surfing out in the water and told me I should try out for surf team. I tried out and surfed with them for 2 years in high school- my freshman and sophomore year. I quit surf team in 10th grade because competing made surfing no fun for me. It was too intense and I didn’t want to surf to “be the best,” I just wanted to surf to have fun. I began volunteering as a surf coach in high school, but It wasn’t until I was 19 that I developed a deep passion for surf coaching. I had my first summer out of the house and away from the parents, got a job at a huge surf school in Huntington Beach and worked at Bolsa Chica throughout the summer on and well into the fall. I learned so much about the surf lifestyle that I never knew before, connected so well with so many people and learned immeasurably valuable things about life, and I advanced my surfing skills as well. Soon after that summer ended, I moved up to Santa Barbara to pursue a new adventure. After working for the City of Carpinteria teaching surf lessons out of their Ocean Rec department, I found myself at Surf Happens. I am so excited to see what this summer has in store for me, the kids, and all the instructors. My thoughts are that it is going to be an extremely encouraging and positive experience for all of us!