Marina Bohn


Name : Marina Bohn
Birthday : April 13, 1989
Years surfing : 7
Favorite food : Japanese food and salad from the garden
Hobbies : Surfing, yoga, free diving, biking, hiking, gardening, music
Most inspirational moment as a surf instructor : My most inspirational moment was taking handicapped kids out on the water for the first time with the Best Day Foundation. Seeing their joy and excitement is probably the best gift I could receive as an instructor!!!

Aloha! I’ve been surfing for about 7 years, ever since I moved to Santa Barbara from the East Bay. I love surfing, yoga, cooking, gardening, ecology, camping, hiking, traveling, live music, making art, free diving, and photography. I graduated from UCSB with a Bachelors in Hydrologic Sciences in 2011 and with a huge love for water and especially the ocean. After college, I lived to Kauai to work on organic farms and to surf as much as possible. After saving as much money as I could, I went to explore Asia, my first overseas travel. I traveled through Turkey, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia for 8 months where I strengthened my passion for surfing, adventure and other cultures. This picture below is me surfing my favorite spot in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay, where I lived with a local family for 2 months, learning to become a Sri Lankan girl! It was eventually time for me to come home and start earning money again, so I moved back to lovely Santa Barbara to become a kayaking guide at the Channel Islands. I am a trained Wilderness First Responder and ASI certified SUP instructor as well. I get so much joy from taking people out on the ocean and helping them to discover how wonderful it is, especially with surfing, because it is my favorite thing ever!