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After School Program

Fall 2013 Begins September 2nd

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Surf Happens After School Programs offer continuing education and weekly training sessions for youth and teen surfers looking to progress their surfing and catch a ride to the premier spots with friends. Each vehicle transports no more than four surfers to any given spot keeping with our etiquette guidelines. Participants are picked up frotm school and dropped off at home after each session. (2:30-6:30pm). Over the last ten years we have mentored some of the top surfers in our area through these programs. Education and academics are very important to us and we offer good student discounts and free Surf Happens clothing and products for good grades.

Our ASP programs focus upon mentorship in the sport of surfing while teaching goal setting, advanced technique and coaching, cross training, as well as oceanography and finding and surfing the best spots during any given swell. Our primary goal is teaching the importance of passion, respect, and discipline and how hard work applies to all facets of life. Monthly video and photography analysis combines with progress reports with feedback and evaluation. 

Independent Studies Physical Education (I.S.P.E)

 The Surf Happens I.S.PE program is available for Middle and High School students whose primary passion and form of athletics is the sport of surfing. Sessions are offered after school, and/or in the mornings. Water time is one of the key components that enables aspiring athletes to progress. Our I.S.P.E program enables students to train along with like minded and aged surfers while working towards personal goals and performance levels. Individual/ private coaching sessions are also available for I.S.P.E credit.

Surf Happens meets all district requirements for I.S.P.E credit. In order to be enrolled in the program students must fill out necessary paperwork, meet with school counselor and receive approval.

Community Service

Junior High School and High School Students are invited to participate in our community service projects to receive school community service credit. These efforts include volunteering at our winter, spring, or summer surf camps, charity surf days for at risk youth and kids with cancer, and at the annual Rincon Classic surfing competition. Please contact us for more information.