Zane Booth Dominate NSSA Northwest Open

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Zane Booth has been on a tear focusing on taking his surfing to the next level by mixing up power turns with new school flair. The conditions were taylor made for his smooth rail surfing and explosive lip blasts with head high to well overhead groomed right hand peelers. Zane dominated the event scoring a 9.7 in the semi finals …


Jace Kennedy Wins SSS In Santa Monica

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SSS Channel Section Middle School event #4 went off in fine fashion on Saturday February 22 in Santa Monica as over one hundred competitors competed for their teams, ratings points, and a fun beach day. Crane School’s Jace Kennedy won his first shortboard event of the season with smooth spicy surfing, with Sam Reichel linking together nice power snaps and …


Empty Fun

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The Junior Elite groms came across an empty afternoon session at a favorite local watering hole. With only a few friends out, no wind, and sunshine, what else could you ask for? The frothometer was at about a 7 as the boys went to town. Coach Kilian Garland filming the boys. Images here

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Secret Sand Bar Session

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Remember when surfing was an adventure and it didn’t matter how big the waves were? It was just about having fun, surfing with friends, and simply loving it. That is a way of living, of being, that can last our whole lives. A session yesterday embodied all of those things for me when I took Surf Happens riders Curtis and …