2014 Rincon Invitational

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For the 7th year Surf Happens participated in the Rincon Invitational and were honored to accept the invitation for our community service efforts with the environment and working with children surviving cancer. The format is pretty simple, 20 teams from around the state are invited to attend based upon their community service. Each team has 10 surfers in jerseys at a time with as many participants as desired, and have the cove to themselves for an hour.

Teams are scored on the total waves ridden, most shared waves, most team members on a single wave,and overall best wave. The whole point of the event is sharing waves and having a good time. Surf Happens had 22 participants joining in the fun and the surf picked up just in time for our heat. We won the best wave of the day for a party wave with 8 surfers, three of which were on one board. Keeto and the Jacobs twins dropped in on an SUP in front of a few surfers with a few more in front of them. Hamilton went into the flying position and curtis was hanging five in the pocket. All in all it was an amazing team building experience and everyone had a blast. Thanks to Glenn Henning and the Groundswell Society for hosting the event and congratulations to all team members on a stellar performance.

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