Joey Gregory

Joey Gregory


Name : Joey Gregory
Birthday : 2/18/96
Years surfing : 7
Favorite food : Cereal!
Hobbies : Surf, Bodyboard, Basketball, Skate
Most inspirational moment as a surf instructor :  Helping little groms stand up on waves and seeing there faces afterwards is such an awesome feeling.

Short Bio : Born and raised in Newport Beach, California I quickly picked up all forms of wave riding with my friends wether it was surfing, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, or skimboarding. I also raced amateur motocross until I had a bad crash that broke a few vertebrae in my spine and left me paralyzed with a 5% chance of walking, and also 2 big rods and 11 screws in my back from surgery. Its almost been 2 years now and Im 100% recovered and more stoked then ever to be back in the ocean almost every day doing what I love. My absolute favorite thing to do is bodyboard The Wedge in Newport on a huge south swell. I graduated from Newport Harbor High School and moved to Santa Barbara for school where I am studying to be a Physical Therapist. I am loving it here in Santa Barbara and feel right at home living in another surfing city and community with really cool people.

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