Kiefer Tuck


Name : Kiefer Tuck
Birthday : 1/14/1993
Favorite food : Ahi Tuna (only the good stuff)
Hobbies : Spearfishing, volleyball, watching football, guitar, cooking, snowboarding, surfing, playing in the water, chess, video games, school
Most inspirational moment as a surf instructor : Helping kids open up and not just grow in surfing, but grow as individuals. Nothing is better than becoming best friends with a kid.

Short Bio : I’ve ran around quite a bit in my life. I always love new experiences. I’ve gone to college in Colorado, Hawaii, and Santa Barbara. I love to check out new places and find a big rock to jump off into the water. It really never gets old. Sky diving is also really fun I highly recommend adding that to your bucket list. I’m a marketing major, and it’s not my biggest passion, but I definitely like it. I have also played with baby tigers and wolves so that’s pretty cool.