RC16 Event Wrap-up & Results

There is something magical about letting go. For all of the best laid plans of man can change based on the whims of fate and nature especially when it comes down to organizing a surf contest that has an eight week waiting period. But something was different about 2016, it seemed destined to be the year of the Queen.El Nino 2016 awoke from it’s slumber and roared to life in early January sending a series of big stormy swells to the California coast. As the dust was just settling from the first massive storm and swell of the season Surfline began tracking a swell for the first waiting weekend of the 2016 Channel Islands Surfboards Rincon Classic presented by Hurley. With 6 days out the forecast was calling for good winds and a very large swell building through the weekend and the contest was called on. Conditions did not dissapoint.

The stage for a legendary event was set and it ended up being the perfect gem a weekend nestled right in between the El Niño winter extremes of heavy south winds the day before the event, and rain the day after. Conditions Saturday were complete glass with head high to two foot overhead consistent peelers, while Sunday showcased the biggest, cleanest powerful Rincon in ten plus years.

It actually felt like winter with 60 degree weather unline the previous eight years where even in January it was 80 plus degrees out. Beanies replaced bikinis and in most cases tubes relaxed airs. Felt like winter on every level. A real California winter weekend. The queen took her sweater off for us and her lines created some hot and heavy action. Everyone was ripping from the groms to the pros, charging the heavy conditions in true local fashion. Tubes, turns. Wash through sets and wipeouts it was truly classic out there.

The pros were off their nuggets and relishing in the stellar conditions. Dane Reynolds showcased the highest heat total of the event, an 19.67 tube fest in the semi finals winning the Scosche in rhythm award pocketing $500 cash. Conner Coffin took speed power and style to a new level making impossible sections and going to town. Adam Lambert showcased the local dark horse talent pulling into big barrels, impeccable wave selection and tight power arcs. Timmy Curran drew some picture perfect backside turns. So drawn out and smooth. Tom Curren rode a virtual skimboard and found some magic barrels. Carissa Moore joined Lakey Peterson and an all star cast in the Expression Session and the waves continued to pump into the night time.

When all was said and done the community gathered at the Lion’s club in Carpinteria for the SIMA Classic Sunday awards ceremony featuring amazing food by Duo Catering and beverages from Rincon Brewery. Everything fell into place for a perfect weekend with special honorees Al and Terry Merrick arriving just on time to receive the coveted Jeff White Aloha Award for community service and lifetime achievement. Conner Coffin who was given a WSL wild card to be able to do the event the day before it ran went on to win the RB Pro Division donating his purse back to the Surf Happens Foundation in support of the local youth based 501 C3. Too many other highlights to name but the images and video of a legendary weekend will give a glimpse of the magic behind the Rincon Classic.

Thanks to all of the sponsors, Rincon Point Home Owners, the community, California State Parks, SB County Parks, and event staff for making this the most Classic, Classic, yet.

By Chris Keet / Contest Director

Results Of The 2016 Channel Islands Rincon Classic presented by Hurley


  1. Conner Coffin
  2. Adam Lambert
  3. Dane Reynolds
  4. Timmy Curran


  1. Pete Mussio
  2. Charlie Fawcett
  3. Dennis Rizzo
  4. Pat Curran
  5. Robert Glover
  6. Will Reichel


  1. Micky Clarke
  2. Josiah Amico
  3. Eithan Osborne
  4. Jeff Knell
  5. Adam Hogue
  6. Sam Reichel


  1. Jabe Swierkocki
  2. Dimitri Poulos
  3. Tommy McKeown
  4. Zane Booth
  5. Gavin Eason
  6. John Simon


  1. Gavin Eason
  2. Trevor Berry
  3. Pitus Higgins
  4. Marley Sapp
  5. Curtis Jacobs
  6. Tanner Vodraska


  1. Nate Winkles
  2. Tony DeGroot
  3. Peter Poulos
  4. Aaron Smith
  5. Geoff Faoro
  6. Josh Pomer


  1. Greg Venable
  2. Chuck Graham
  3. Bob Goodman
  4. Brett Jordan
  5. George Johnson
  6. Jan Martinex


  1. James Mcclintock
  2. Steve Hanson
  3. Tony Luna
  4. Kit Boise Cossart
  5. Bill Urbany
  6. Mike Lamm


  1. Vince Felix
  2. Jeff Belzer
  3. JP Garcia
  4. Clint Unander
  5. Evan Trauntvein
  6. Jared Muscat


  1. Aubrey Faulk Luyendyk
  2. Maddie Malmsten
  3. Abby Brown
  4. Lisa Luna
  5. Callie Bowdish
  6. Cassidy Urbany


  1. Makena Burke
  2. Maddie Malmsten
  3. Cassidy Urbany
  4. Riley Malmsten
  5. Emma Higgins
  6. Angel Singh