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Rincon Classic Video Contest Results!

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The Rincon Classic Video Contest was a great way to start off the Rincon Classic of 2015. It was great to see what Rincon meant to many different people as well as seeing some great waves! All the entries were fantastic and we hope to see everyone enter a video again next year. A special thanks to the Channel Islands Surfboard store in Santa Barbara for hosting the party and awards ceremony.


Division Age 18+

1st place: Adam Lambert “The Queen”


Prize: $150 cash, Custom CI Surfboard, prize bag

2nd place: Dave Schauber “Rincon on Fire”

Prize: $100 cash, Hurley wetsuit, prize bag


3rd place:  Wilson Winneguth “The Warmth”

Prize: $50, prize bag, Arbor Skateboard


Runner ups:

Ryan Nufer “Rincon Reconnaissance”

Andrey Sotnikov “Surf Rincon”

Jeff Chavolla “The County Line”


Ø  Division 17 & Under

1st place: Tanner Kasso “The Queen of the Coast”

Prize: $100 cash, Custom CI Surfboard, prize bag


2nd place: Matty Pierce “Mother Queen”

Prize: $50 cash, Hurley wetsuit, prize bag

3rd place: Abby Brown “Rincon”

Prize: Prize bag, Arbor Skateboard


4th Place: Levi Gilbert “Rincon Vid”

prize bag


5th Place: Hamilton and Curtis Jacobs “Twins Rip Rincon”

prize bag


Runner Ups:

cayden colasse “a dream of the queen”

Oliver Montgomery “Salty”

Angel Singh “Rinky”

Ruby Singh “Rad Rincon”

Nico Fairbanks “The Queens Disciples”

Dalton DeAlba “New Project”



Ø  Division Audience Choice

1st place 17u: Abby Brown

Prize: $100 cash and prize bag


1st place 18+: Adam Lambert

Prize: $100 cash and prize bag

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