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Los Angeles/Santa Barbara Region. Middle School

Saturday March 15 dawned clear and warm at Summer’s Beach just north of Emma Wood in Ventura. This was our first event held here and we were all excited to see how it would go. It went great!!! The surf was a contestable 2-4′ plus with decent shape all day. The wind never came and the boys and girls had a blast.

In the shifting peaks up and down the beach a good rivalry is shaping up. Last event winner of Shortboard, Jace Kennedy, took his place in the final once again and this time came up 0.7 points from going back to back. Taking the win and his 2nd victory of the season was S.J. Murphy. These two are making the ratings race tight.

The iron man of the event was Crane’s Shaymus O’Hearn as he made 3 different finals. Taking her first win of her SSS career in the Girls Longboard was Alana Moore.

Thank you to all our sponsors who make this season possible: Bodyglove Wetsuits, Eco Water, Hoven, Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club, SIMA Corp., Sticky Bumps, Superbrand Surfboards, The Wavehouse, Standard Graphics, Seasister.com, and the Western Surfing Assoc. (WSA).

For more info about the SSS, please contact Sue Lister, Admin Director, at 760-518-2727 / info@surfsss.org, or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director, 760-439-0863 / carolnoceanside@cs.com. You can also check our website athttp://www.surfsss.org/ for a current schedule of all SSS events in California. Thanks

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