Stationary Camp Stories: Juan

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Stationary Camp has now been going on for a little longer than a month down at Leadbetter. For most of that time we’ve had the same group of kids: Preston, Finn, Lu Lu, Reagan, Kyla, Raphaella, AJ, Holdin, Morris, Gabe, Kieren, Juan, and Ricky. We’ve also had some newcomers, and some that come and go. The kids that are 5 and younger are now starting to surf on their own. The ones that are older are now going down the line! They’ve all had challenges. Whether it’s being scared of the water or just having hands that are too tiny to paddle. Each of their challenges are specific and each of their achievements are admirable in their own way. Every week a new kid will be featured to show really how much their surfing skills have grown as well as their confidence. This week it’s Juan!

Juan like many of us wasn’t particularly fond of the ocean at the beginning. Surfing wasn’t at the top of his list. His fear of the ocean stopped him from being the natural athlete that he is. After some encouragement and some waves, Juan has figured out he has more control in the ocean than he thought. He is now paddling out on his own; rather than avoiding waves, he is looking for them. It’s great as an instructor to see a kid move on from believing in us to believing in themselves. As cheesy as it sounds, when Juan started believing in his own abilities his talent as a surfer has skyrocketed. Juan is now on the fast path to becoming a great surfer.

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