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Stationary Camp Wave Videos

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Last Friday, November 14, was the first time in a while the kids at stationary camp got some sizable waves. At first I was nervous the kids were going to get scared  and not surf, but to my surprise everyone was charging the entire time. The following is video footage of the various waves caught by various surfers.

Lu Lu: falling down and getting up several times in one wave


Lu Lu: a short clip of Lu Lu going big and getting her first spin/switch stance


Tyne: This was Tyne’s first time at stationary camp and everyone cheered him on as he got up on his surfboard


Finn: He falls down twice at the beginning of the wave, but miraculously somehow sticks with it and gets the longest wave I’ve ever seen him get


Holden: Getting one of the longer waves he’s gotten at stationary camp


Preston: Getting one of the bigger waves he’s ever caught


Gabe: Starting to surf and paddle all on his own


Kyla: She was surfing all day and learning to stand up straight on the surf board. Soon she’ll be surfing on her own too



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