Kids After School Program in Santa Barbara

 Welcome To The Tribe

You are now registered for the Surf Happens After School Program Stationary Class at Leadbetter Beach. We want to make sure you have everything you need to begin the season. See below for billing and registration info, schedule, policies, and more. Please review and feel free to contact us with any further questions

 Registration & Billing

Once you register for your class day and time, your child’s spot is reserved weekly until you give us notice otherwise. If they need to cancel registration, take a break, or you foresee any weeks they will be unable to attend, we ask for two weeks’ notice. See below for absence and cancellation policies. 

The program runs each week of the school year that school is in session. Sessions are pre-paid on a monthly basis based on how many weeks fall in that month (3-5 sessions per month). Holidays are removed from billing. 

Where To Meet

Leadbetter Beach Directions

In order to get to Leadbetter, get off the 101 Freeway at the Castillo off ramp.  After you get off the freeway, turn towards the beach and drive two blocks.

When you get to Cabrillo Blvd, make a right on Shoreline Drive and drive approximately 1 mile, going up a slight hill alongside the beach.  After you go up the hill, make a left into your first free parking lot at Shoreline Park or find parking along the streets.  We will meet on top of the bluff overlooking Leadbetter (right where La Marina Drive and Shoreline Drive meet next to the Shoreline park sign). 

***Please DO NOT meet at the parking lot next to Shoreline Cafe.

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🌊 Class Hours

Drop Off : 3:30 pm
Pick Up: 5 pm

🌊 Class Schedule

3:15-3:30 pm  Check-in
Sunscreen application, hydration, beach games, stretching
3:30-5 pm Surfing!
5 pm Pack/check-out

🏄  What To Bring:

  • Board and wetsuit (or let us know what gear your child needs and we’ll bring it!)
  • Snack and water
  • Sunscreen
  • Wet/dry bag
  • Changing towel

🏄 We Provide:

🚫  Cancellation Policy:

Excused absence credits: Once you have a credit on file, just let us know what day your child can drop-in to makeup for his missed session. We will then look for openings and let you know what is available. 
Change of days: In the case you need to alter your child’s day of participation, we ask for 2 weeks notice in order to adjust our schedule. 
Cancellation: In the case that you need to cancel your child’s ongoing registration, we ask for two weeks notice in order to suspend billing. If you cancel with 2 weeks notice (14 days) then we can refund any remaining classes for that month. 

🌴 Contact

Please reach out anytime with questions regarding billing and absences.
Office: 805-966-3613
Jenny Keet cell: 805-235-8783
Or to Chris with questions regarding the program and your child’s progress.
Chris Keet cell: 805-451-7568
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