Boys and Girls  |  Ages 4-14  |  ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME!

August 10th 9am-4pm @ Santa Claus Lane Beach & Surf Happens Dojo

2019 Wrap Up & Results

On Saturday August 10 the 2019 Surf Happens, Board Riders U14 Surf and Skate contest and party presented by Channel Islands Surfboards went off at Santa Claus Lane Carpinteria. 50 of the most amped groms on planet earth surfed and skated into the summer afternoon as family and friends hung out and watched the action on the beach and back at the Surf Happens dojo. The event was open to area youth ages 14 and under with the youngest competitors being six years old.

The day kicked off at 9am with the surfing event where all heats were photographed and filmed for the kids to review along with pre heat instruction . Low pressure and high fun was the premise as first timers, and seasoned competitive surfers, showcased their skills in the 1-3’ glassy surf. Designed to be a training ground, competitors were all invited to surf in multiple divisions with several surfers opting to participate in 3 age groups.

The surf team was lead by 7 time Rincon Classic Pro Champion Kilian Garland as the head judge along with Tyler Chiarappa, and Graysen Epstein, and fill in judges Curtis and Hamilton Jacobs. Chloe Brown tabulated results while Darryl Miya called the action and Chris Keet provided the pre heat instruction and feedback. Brent Flaaten captured all of the images while Ally Bortolazzo filmed all the heats for review.

The first final of the day was the U8 push in division where moms, dads, and Surf Happens coaches assisted kids into waves. Charlie De Groot took home the victory for the second year with an array of tricks including switch stances and tobagons combined with length of ride with a solid runner up performance put forth by Avery Oretsky who had the single highest wave score, followed by the youngest competitor Jack Keet who had the best snap of the final. Stellar rides were also scored by Ryker Abing, Henry Goldstein, Coral Castorino and Kai Landers.

 U8 Open was dominated by an in form Maddox Keet who had an 8 and a 7 on his two scoring rides to put the field into combination with a floater and a backhand wave with series of smooth turns. Second place went to Eli Sears who belted the top off of a few unsuspecting lips, with Avery Oretsky in 3rd who pulled off a solid snap. Rounding out the final was Mason Powers, William Bertelsen and Jack Keet. 

The stoke levels hit all time highs in the U10 division as Ronin Castorino took home the title for the second year in a row with great wave selection, and powerful off the bottom off the top combinations. It was a tight battle with Hawkins Darrah who generated speed on even the flattest sections and punctuated with flair. Dominic Arce had the off the lip of the final but lacked a solid back up to finish in 3rd. Eli Sears, Beckett Eason, and Maddox Keet rounded out the final. 

U 12 featured a split decision with great rides scored by all competitors. Maddox Keet took the win with a buzzer beater left that was the back up he needed to overtake an in form Ronin Castorino and powerhouse Aiden Albada. Albada had 1st on one judges card tied for first on another and missed the first spot by a mere .5. Dominic Arce, Joey Penueta, and Louis Waters finished 4-6 respectively with great surfing.

U14 was a tight battle with the title being decided by a strong two turn combination by Curtis Jacobs to overtake the stand out of early rounds Caleb Faoro. Curtis had the power turns while Faoro made the waist high waves look like they had power as he maintained speed and flow in flat sections and linked solid turns together. 3rd place Hamilton Jacobs failed to find a back up but had the best turn of the final. Finishing out the final was Logan Curry, Holden Osborne, and Joey Penueta.

The Wahines crown was earned by Bree Smith who showed up out of nowhere to make the waves look way better than they actually were. This young lady has power, style, tricks and game and is one to look for in the future as she surfed like a WQS stand out in the tricky conditions. Runner up Jesse Engel put on a backside clinic with smooth style but couldn’t match Smith’s power. She was followed by Malaya Morente and Coral Castorino.

Points from the surfing component were accrued towards overall surf and skate titles based on heat placings with 1 point for 6 place, up to 6 points for first. The crew packed up the beach and headed back to the Surf Happens Dojo on Santa Claus Lane for the official surf results, a free skate warm up and then the skateboarding contest held on the Surf Happens mini ramp.

Pro skater and skateboard coach Sean Bolis joined community surf and skate legend Darryl Miya to judge and announce the event. Skaters were each given two one minute runs per round with points accrued based on number of walls completed, style, difficulty of tricks, completed tricks, and number of falls.

The U8 division featured a battle of opposites as the lower tier of competitors went for big tricks and had a number of falls. The U8 winner was 6 year old Jack Keet who didn’t fall on any of his runs and completed his patented rock to fakies, coping tap kick turns and rock in rolls to take the win over his older brother Maddox by 3 points. After 2 failed attempts Maddox completed a frontside disaster and mixed it up with 50-50’s and a boneless to finish a solid second.

3rd place was taken by Kai Landers with great style and combinations followed by 4th place Mason Powers who was boosting. With his 2nd place finish in the Skateboarding added to his 1st place in surfing Maddox Keet achieved his second Surf and Skate overall title making it two years in a row.

U10 winner Tait Likens was the kid to beat with a wide variety of tricks and style to burn. He stuck just about everything he went for to dominate the U10 division. You would never know he was such a talented board rider with his calm and humble attitude. Sawyer Abing put forth an excellent performance as well and impressed the judges with his confidence and completion of difficult tricks. 3rd place was Santi Greenberg, followed by Dominic Arce. Arce’s skate result added to his surf earned him the U10 overall Surf and Skate title for 2019.

U12 was an action packed affair with Koa Guy putting on an absolute clinic. He is arguably the best U12 Skateboarder in the county and his completion rate was second to none. Combining that with a humble demeanor and smooth style and he was unstoppable. Tait Likens backed up his U10 win with a solid runner up finish behind guy. Bobby Comstock pulled out all the stops to finish 3rd, followed by Santi Greenberg and Dominic Arce. Santi Greenberg narrowly took out Dominc Arce for the U12 Surf and Skate title to earn his first board riders U12 crown

U14 was the biggest skate division with the biggest kids pulling out the biggest rabbits out of their hats. It was clear from the get go that the lads had the intention of showing the judges and everyone on hand their skills. The opening rounds were dominated by Ryder Sapp who stuck a 5 foot acid drop off the wall. However in the finals it was Morgan Ellis who put together a seamless run to take the victory over Logan Curry. Curry nearly matched Ellis but his second place finish gave him the overall 2019 Surf and Skate U14 title and his second career title. Rounding out the final was an in form Holden Osborne with trademark silky smooth style, followed by Ryder Sapp.

Special thanks to all participating sponsors, Surf Happens, Channel Islands Surfboards, Scosche Audio, Carver Skateboards, Lighthouse Skate Shop, and Sexwax for their generous support. 100% of proceeds benefited the Surf Happens Foundation. 


Surf Results

 U 8 Push In Division

  1. Charlie De Groot
  2. Avery Oretsky
  3. Jack Keet
  4. Ryker Abing
  5. Henry Goldstein
  6. Coral Castorino/ Kai Landers


  1. Maddox Keet
  2. Eli Sears
  3. Avery Oretsky
  4. Mason Powers
  5. William Bertelsem
  6. Jack Keet 


  1. Ronin Castorino
  2. Hawkins Darrah
  3. Dominic Arce
  4. Eli Sears
  5. Beckett Eason
  6. Maddox Keet


  1. Maddox Keet
  2. Ronin Castorino
  3. Aiden Albada
  4. Dominic Arce
  5. Joey Penueta
  6. Louis Waters


  1. Curtis Jacobs
  2. Caleb Faoro
  3. Hamilton Jacobs
  4. Logan Curry
  5. Holden Osborne
  6. Joey Penueta

Wahines U17

  1. Bree Smith
  2. Jesse Engel
  3. Malaya Morente
  4. Coral Castorino


Skateboard Results


  1. Jack Keet
  2. Maddox Keet
  3. Kai Landers
  4. Mason Powers


  1. Tait Likens
  2. Sawyer Abing
  3. Santi Greenberg
  4. Dominic Aguilar

U 12

  1. Koa Guy
  2. Tait Likens
  3. Bobby Comstock
  4. Santi Greenberg
  5. Dominic Arce 


  1. Morgan Ellis
  2. Logan Curry
  3. Holden Osborne
  4. Ryder Sapp


2019 Surf and Skate Champions


Maddox Keet


Dominic Arce


Santi Greenberg


Logan Curry

Carver Skate Jam

  1. Dominic Arce

Schedule of Events

Surf Divisions

Round 1
2 U 14 Semi Final Heats 9:00-9:30
2 U 12 Semi Final Heats 9:30-10:00
2 U 10 Semi Final Heats 10:00-10:30

1 Push In Final Heat 10:30-10:50
1 U 8 Final Heat 10:50-11:10
1 U 14 Wahines Final 11:10-11:30
1 U 14 Final 11:30-11:50
1 U 12 Final 11:50-12:10
1 U10 Final 12:10-12:30


1:00 PM at the Surf Happens Dojo, 3825 Santa Claus Lane.

Skate Divisions

(Free Skate All Day 9:30-1:30)

Round One
U 10 1:30-1:50
U 12 1:50-2:10
U 14 2:10- 2:25

U 8 Final 2:25 2:40
U 10 Final 2:40-2:55
U12 Final 2:55-3:10
U14 Final 3:10-3:25

Free Skate 3:25-3:50
Carver Skate Jam 3:25-3:50


3:50-4:20 at the Surf Happens Dojo, 3825 Santa Claus Lane.

The event is designed to provide a fun and low pressure surfing and skateboarding contest for local youth to gather and showcase their skills, glean experience in the competitive environment,  and learn from the areas best. Movement is good for the mind body and spirit. We believe in promoting board sports as a healthy lifestyle, a means to an end that links the individual to an amazing, eclectic global community, and endless adventures that all start right in our back yard at the beach and on the street.

 **Online sign ups run through Wednesday August 8th at midnight. Beach entries will be accepted on first come first serve basis. Heats and schedule will be posted by Thursday at 5pm!

Pizza and refreshments following the contest! Free for competitors/$5 suggested donation for parents. Event proceeds will benefit Surf Happens Foundation.

Surf Contest

The surf contest features both a novice division U8 (push in)  Paddle In (Co-Ed all ages), and then elite (open) divisions.   Boards and wetsuits are provided for all divisions, with coaches on hand to assist during heats. Elite divisions are paddle in only and separated into age categories U8,U10, U12, and U14. The 2nd Annual Surf Happens Board Riders event will also feature a girls division, the Wahines Open U 14.

Surf Contest Rules:  All heats are 15 minutes in duration with the top two waves counted towards advancement. The top 50% of each heat will move on to the next round. Judges are looking for length of ride, size of wave, style and flow, commitment and critical nature of waves ridden and maneouvers executed. Points are tallied on a 0-10 scale. 10 wave maximum.


Skate Contest

The Skateboarding component will be held on a standard 3.5′ mini half pipe located at the Surf Happens shop and dojo 3825 Santa Claus Lane. Age division brackets will be the same as the surfing event with U8,U10, U12, and U14 dvisions, and the Wahines Open U 14. U12 and under divisions are co-ed if a rider wishes to compete in the younger divisions. In addition to the half pipe competition there will be a Skate Jam/ Free Skate area in the front of the shop for warm ups and fun. The Skate Jam/ Free Skate area will have 1/4′ pipe, rail, and a carver mini tin wave. Fun for the whole family and we will have instructors to assist the little ones. Waivers must be signed, and helmets worn! We will also have Carver skate board demos on hand to get that sidewalk surfing and cross training experience. 19 time X games announcer of 99.9 and ESPN fame will be announcing both the surf and skate components to acknowledge and stoke out the groms.

Skateboard Competition Rules: 2 minute runs in the opening round will determine the top 5 finishers to move on to the finals. Points are accrued by difficulty of trick, style and flow, completion of tricks, and the diversity of tricks on a 0-100 scoring total. Top 5 finishers will then go into 3 minute run finals round where winner takes all.


Surf and Skate:

Points will be tallied for event placing in both surf and skate with individual and overall board rider champions crowned the day of the event back at the Surf Happens Dojo.

Event proceeds will benefit Surf Happens Foundation!


Entry Fee’s

Surf $50
Skate $25
Surf and Skate $65
2nd divisions surf ($25)
2nd division skate ($15)