EPISODE 2 : How To Do A Backside Snap With Lakey Peterson

In this tutorial Lakey walks the viewer through a step by step analysis on how to do a backside snap while also focusing on the importance and technique of the backside bottom turn. Learn how to take it from the bottom to the top and elevate your surfing to the next level.

Lakey Peterson is one of the most iconic surfers in the world and a perennial World Surf League top five and world title contender. Raised on the right hand point breaks of her home town in Santa Barbara, California, her surfing is fluid and powerful, rail based, but also contains the x factor that propelled her to the big leagues.


Step By Step Coaching Tips

1. It’ s all in the bottom turn

  • Backside bottom turn will determine 80% of how that turn will end
    up. It’s all about the timing.
  • Really drop weight down and go into turn with a coiled bottom turn
    so you can explode straight up into the lip.
  • Knees are bent the entire time.
  • Leading arm is always outside the leading knee
    (For Lakey is left arm, left knee)
  • Back Arm (For Lakey is right arm) always, slowly following across the chest.
  • Looking up at the lip

2. Approaching the lip and turn

  • Eye the lip line from the bottom turn
  • After turning off the bottom and opening up
    front leg straightens a bit about 1/3 of the way off the bottom.
    That is what will give you the pop to get to the top.

3. Follow the turn through

4. Stay low and recoil and do it again!

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