EPISODE 9 : How To Do A Blowtail Reverse With Parker Coffin

Parker Coffin is one of the most dynamic surfers on the planet. His technical foundation is based on power and rail combined with a fluid and natural style that merges with an X factor that makes him a favorite to watch and analyze. Coffin charges huge waves and loves nothing more than the tube, and going big. Raised and groomed in the right hand point breaks, reefs, and beach breaks of Santa Barbara County he has proven himself to be among the best in the world in small surf and waves of consequence.

In this tutorial Parker walks the viewer through a step by step tutorial on one of his signature moves, the backside tailblow reverse. Focusing on foundation, body mechanics, and weight placement, this tutorial helps the viewer learn how to release the fins and follow through. This video adds a literal spin and spice to his earlier tutorial of how to do backside off the lips and combinations.

Step By Step Coaching Tips
Step One: The Set Up
  • Paddling speed will carry through the ride so get in with power and speed.
  • Like any normal turn, eye up the section you are going to hit.
  • Come into the turn with as much speed as possible.
Step Two: The Bottom Turn
  • Get weight on the front foot, compress your bottom turn (get low)
  • Open up the chest towards the lip, twist like any other backside turn (see episode 8)
  • Hips are a bit behind then follow through
Step Three: The Top Turn To Tailblow Reverse
  • When you get to the top of the lip, instead of turning hips towards the beach and getting a standard rotation that a backside turn would have, suck in your front knee as close as you can to your chest. 
  • Have your head look down so you don’t have your head get too far away from your body.
  • Stay close and compact.
  • Remember to suck in that front knee and let that back leg kick out / whip.
  • Then focus on getting both legs back underneath you.
  • Rotate your shoulders and keep your back centered over your board.
  • The goal is to have your board pop off the lip with an effortless pop. 
  • Land centered, eye your landing out of it, and let the rotation and momentum carry you through the rest of the reverse. 


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