EPISODE 6 : How To Do A Carve With Conner Coffin

Learn how to do a carve with Conner Coffin. Known for his power based rail game, Conner has a timeless style and approach to surfing that has made him an icon of the sport. In this tutorial Coffin walks you through a step by step analysis of how to do a carve. Use your rail and you will never fail and remember that all good top turns start with the bottom turn.

Step By Step Coaching Tips
Step One The Bottom Turn:
  • All good top turns start with the bottom turn
  • Your bottom turn and how you approach it, will help you to set up your top turns.
  • There are a lot of variations of the bottom turn, get them all mastered and controlled.
  • For a power carve draw out the bottom turn.
Step Two The Carve
  • Draw out the bottom turn and eye up the sweet part of the wave, the optimal power source where it is steep, but not too steep so you can fit the carve in. Remember to compress in  your bottom turn and drive out of it.
  • Try to continually do carves tighter and tighter in the pocket as it makes them more critical.
  • As you come out of the bottom turn get back on your heel side rail as quickly as possible and start rotating the other way.
  • Open up the inside shoulder and lead back and have back arm follow through and come across the midline/ core.
  • Just before the turn weight is 50/50 then transfers to the back foot in the beginning of the turn.
  • Shoulders open and rail engaged, follow through with the head
  • In the middle of the turn the weight transfers to the front foot
Step Three Finish The Turn:
  • Get weight off the front foot and heels and back to 50/50
  • Stay centered over the board
  • Drop weight down and back onto the toe side for the next bottom turn.

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