EPISODE 1 : How to do a Cutback with Lakey Peterson

In this tutorial, Lakey walks the viewer through a step by step analysis on how to perform a frontside cutt back. She also provides great tips on form and body positioning for the frontside bottom turn.

Lakey Peterson is one of the most iconic surfers in the world and a perennial World Surf League top five and world title contender. Raised on the right hand point breaks of her home town in Santa Barbara, California, her surfing is fluid and powerful, rail based, but also contains the x factor that propelled her to the big leagues.

Step By Step Coaching Tips
1. It’s all in the bottom turn. 
    – Keep your leading arm outside your leading leg to act as counter balance and coil up
    – Drop your back arm towards the water in between your stance to act as balance and the pivot, point to turn off of. 
    – Drop your stance low. Knees are always compressed.
2. Eye the section that you are going to turn off of
3. Remember to start turning with your hips and follow through with upper body. 
4. Hips and back leg drive through the turn. 
5. Arms spread wide. Trailing arm high, leading arm low. 
    Through second half of the turn the back arm comes across core. 
6. Front knee more compressed than back leg
7. Recoil arms and get ready for the next turn. 

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