EPISODE 3 : How To Do A Frontside Air Reverse With Lakey Peterson

In this tutorial Lakey breaks down how to do an early grab, frontside air reverse with easy to understand steps and focus points from launch to landing point. 

Lakey Peterson is one of the most iconic surfers in the world and a perennial World Surf League top five and world title contender. Raised on the right hand point breaks of her home town in Santa Barbara, California, her surfing is fluid and powerful, rail based, but also contains the x factor that propelled her to the big leagues.


Step By Step Coaching Tips

1. Have to have the right section

  • Beach breaks with close out sections
  • End section at a point break
  • Crumbly sections

2. Wider Stance for airs

3. Speed

4. The set up – coming off the bottom

  • Eye the section up
  • Look right where you want to go
  • Knees are bent chest is forward
  • Corked and opening towards the lip line off the bottom
  • Spread winged off the bottom
  • Remember to take much of your bottom turn. Less compressed and more horizontal

5. The launch

  • As the board starts to reach the lip line the front leg straightens and back knee is about a 90 degree bend.
  • Right as the board begins to get in the air the front knee sucks up towards the chest.
  • As the knee sucks up the board will gain more air which is when a standard back arm grab rail between the stance will keep you over your board.

6. The rotation and landing

  • Follow the rotation of the turn and project back towards the beach.
  • Airs and reverses are more about the projection back towards the beach versus straight up.
  • Try to land nose first to buffer the landing.
  • Remember to widen stance as that makes it easier to land nose first.
  • Land in a compressed position and let the fins re-engage and spin you around.

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