EPISODE 15 : How To Do A Grab Rail Cutback With Eithan Osborne

The cutback is one of the most functional, aesthetically pleasing, and amazing turns in surfing. There are many forms of the cutback with each designed to bring you back to the power source of the wave. In this tutorial Ventura’s Eithan Osborne walks you through one of his signature moves, the Grab Rail Cutback. From set up, to grab placement, timing, and weight transference throughout the turn, this tutorial will help you add in a new variation on the old favorite.

Step By Step Coaching Tips

Step One:
The Set Up

  • When you take off do a couple pumps. Feel and look for when the wave is going to curve up.
  • You can kind of tell, but it happens pretty quickly so try to anticipate where the wave will curve.

Step Two:
The Bottom Turn 

  • Eye up the section and compress off the bottom while pushing off the back foot. 

Step Three:
The Grab and Turn

  • Place the turn right underneath the curve of the top 1/4 of the wave.
  • Just as you are going into the turn transfer the weight onto your front leg.
  • This will help you to keep the rail stay engaged and avoid the tail sliding out. 
  • Grab your outside rail with your trailing arm, just above the back foot.
  • When you feel. the curve of the wave, lean back and the grab rail holds your board to your feet so you don’t fall over that front shoulder and fall back. 
  • Half way through the turn the board may almost be all the way out of the water. 

Step Four:
The Follow Through and Riding Out

  • As the board is completely on rail and almost out of the water, transfer the weight onto your front foot, but not too much or you will nose dive. 
  • The transfer of weight to the front foot allows you to fit into the pocket of the wave. 
  • Continue to hold the rail and keep the weight on the front foot to the bottom of the wave.
  • Once you feel yourself at the bottom, center yourself and let go of the rail. 
  • Spot where you are going to ride out. 


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