EPISODE 4 : How To Do A Layback Snap With Conner Coffin

The Layback Snap:  Can be done either on the face of the wave, or as an end turn.

Step By Step Coaching Tips

Step One: The Set Up

  • Eye up the section
  • Set the rail off the bottom
  • Arms opening up
  • Driving through hips pushing back on your toes to engage rail in bottom turn
  • All the weight is on the toes

Step Two: The Layback Snap

  • While eyeing up the section and driving off bottom start to transfer weight 50/50
  • Work on getting the butt to drop back down while rotating the upper body into the turn. 
  • Start the carve, and looking back
  • Lower body is doing a normal carve
  • Lower body continues going through the turn
  • Upper body twists into the layback
  • Almost is like a fake back

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