EPISODE 10 : How To Do An Air Reverse With Micky Clarke

The Santa Barbara and Ventura region produce world class surfers, some of which ascend to the highest levels of professional surfing, and others who are well known underground heroes. Micky Clarke is writing his story one page at a time and is an underground hero of sorts, with bravado in waves of consequence, and an arsenal of tricks that make him a stand out in all conditions. He has a velvety smooth style that when combined with his power and rail game, and raw x factor brand of surfing, the results are explosive and unpredictable.

In this tutorial, Micky breaks down how to do a frontside air reverse complete with set up, along with his trademark pivot and scoup bottom turn to lip line method, the launch, grab, rotation and landing.

Step By Step Coaching Tips

Step One:
The Set Up

  • Eyes down the line
  • Look at the section that you want to hit and boost off of first
  • Keep your chest upright
  • Pump as top to bottom as you can

Step Two:
The Lift Off

  • Take a mid line not too deep or too high.
    Scoop the back arm into the waves face on the bottom turn which will allow you to burn a little speed off and gain control.
  • The scoop but also allow you to pivot and react way faster on a dumpier section.
  • Release your back arm as soon as you want to hit the section when you are about to lift

Step Three:
The Air, Grab, and Rotation

  • Square off with the section
    Keep your chest, shoulders and head in line with where the board is going
    As you launch into the air and to get pop bring your front knee into your chest
    Grab your rail with your back arm. The sucking up of your front knee will bring the board up to you.
  • Karate kick with the back leg, extending as much as possible and whipping the tail
    Keep front arm and shoulders leading, guiding, and rotating all the way through the turn\

Step Four:
The Landing

  • Release the grab prior to landing
  • Make sure to continue to follow the rotation through and control as much as possible
  • Keep the weight on the front foot to maintain slide and rotation
  • Stay low and stomp the landing
  • By remaining compressed you will squirt out in front of the explosion
  • In this version I am pretty forward on the board which allowed to slide and accelerate out.

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