EPISODE 13 : How To Do An Alley Oop with Parker Coffin

Parker Coffin has an unshakeable foundation of technique, and has shared some of his secrets in previous tutorials focusing on basics like the backside bottom turn, top turn, and how to link together combinations. In this tutorial Parker dives into an advanced aerial trick, the Alley Oop, and walks the viewer through one of the biggest ones we have ever seen. His coaching includes set up, how to use the wind, and the tips to get you there from launch to landing.

Step By Step Coaching Tips

Step One:
Getting speed- The set up

  • With any aerial move you want to go into the section with as much speed as you can
  • Drop in and do several pumps to generate speed
  • Spot the section of the wave that you want to do the air off of 

Step Two:
Utilizing the wind and section

  • With airs in general you want to utilize the wind
  • In this case the wind is blowing up the face which is ideal because you want the wind to catch the bottom of your board.
  • By letting the wind catch the bottom of your board it will make it easier to rotate and float.
  • Use the wedge and section that is coming up the face to launch off of.
  • Simply put, use what is already there.

Step Three:
The pop and launch

  • As you get to the section and aim up the waves face work on getting a pop up and off the lip from the speed and angle you take and the power of the section to the wind.
  • Once in the air, look directly at your tail, where you are leaving/ launching off the wave from. 

Step Four:
The rotation and landing

  • As you leave the wave suck up your knees for height and control. The process of sucking in your knees will dictate how high you will go. 
  • While rotating let your head and shoulders guide you and work to spot the landing as early as  possible. 
  • From the second you leave the wave work to have your head leading to spot the landing. 
  • This day it was a bigger wave and lots of wind which pushed the board to my feet when I sucked my knees in and allowed for lots of height.
  • Remember to have your eyes  looking for the landing and to keep your head centered over the board. 
  • Brace for impact
  • Sometimes the landing can be explosive. Try to visualize a soft landing and drop your weight down to absorb the momentum and energy. 
  • Picture something soft that you are going to float into. 

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