EPISODE 7 : How To Do An Off The Lip With Conner Coffin

The off the lip is one of the most fun and functional turns in surfing and may be used to steal and harness the energy of the upper 1/3 of the wave to accelerate off of and make sections, as well as an exciting and explosive finish turn. In this tutorial Conner breaks down a frontside close out off the lip floater isolating key tips that will help you to add this vital arrow into your quiver of moves.

Step By Step Coaching Tips
Step One: The Set Up
  • Eye up the section
  • Determine which turn is best suited for the section based on speed and what the wave is doing. 
  • In this case with a close out section coming really quickly, a fast bottom turn is needed. 
Step Two: The Turn
  • Quick bottom turn and compress to absorb the energy of the lip as it comes towards you.
  • Drop weight down and engage the rail while approaching the lip line and begin to twist and open back up dropping leading arm and following through with head and back arm.
  • With a powerful close out section try to get up there and back down as fast as possible.
Step Three: The completion:
  • Suck your knees into your chest as you hit the lip and ride the lip down and look for the  landing spot.
  • The off the lip is all about speed and timing and follow through kind of like an air.
  • The goal is to beat the shockwave of the exploding lip down to the bottom.
  • Try to keep the board on edge and ride it out.

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