EPISODE 5 : How To Get Barreled With Conner Coffin

In this tutorial Conner describes how to get a frontside tube focusing on the importance of positioning and getting deep on the peek as well as knifing the rail and avoiding losing connection with the wave. Learn from the pros and go get barreled!

Step By Step Coaching Tips

1. Getting barreled is all about positioning on the wave before you are even standing up.

2. It’s about reading and reacting to the wave

  •    What type of wave are you taking off on?

  •    The shape of the wave

  •    Positioning yourself behind the wave/ peak

  •    Most people’s challenge is trying to slow down.

3. Put yourself behind the section that you think is going to barrel and then you don’t have to stall that much. Position yourself as deep as  you can.

4. Next step is working on taking off late. Positioning yourself lower on the wave, especially on really hollow waves is critical. Waves like that draw up so much that you have to be underneath them.

5. All the weight is on your front foot trying to knife the rail and keep it engaged in the wave. Trying to keep weight on the toes and keep the body aligned on that side of the board to avoid leaning back and rolling down the windows.

6. A lot of people think that to slow down all of the weight needs to be on the back foot, but it is actually more efficient to have the weight on the front foot to position yourself so your rail is engaged and you can control speed with your arms.

7. When you put weight on your fins you get squirrely and actually go faster because the water is shooting through your fins.

8. Choose your line, control your speed and judge what the barrel is going to do.

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