EPISODE 16 : How To Get Your Tose On The Nose With Jade Blair

Out of Santa Barbara California, local longboarder Jade Blair shares how to nose ride.

Step By Step Coaching Tips
Step One:
The Set Up
  • Read the wave and look for a lined up section that will allow you to trim and glide down the    line.
  • If the wave is soft, fade the opposite way the wave is going on the drop to help set up the section.  
Step Two:
The Bottom Turn 
  • On the bottom turn you want to put all of the weight on the back foot setting up the trim line, and almost stalling further before driving into the top 1/3 of the wave. 
Step Three:
Cross Stepping
  • Once your trim line is set in the top 1/3 of the wave you are in position to begin walking to the nose. 
  • Cross stepping is leading with the back foot first and then following through with the front foot and continue walking until you get to the nose with the front foot. To start it is a good idea to get used to cross stepping two steps forward, and then two steps back to get the feel for it. 
Step Four:
Getting the toes on the nose
  • Cross step back foot, then front until your front foot is on the nose.
  • Stay in the top 1/3 of the wave. That is the money spot. 
  • Keep your arms relaxed and down by your sides
  • Less movement, the better. Less is more. 
  • Once the front foot toes on on the nose, bring your back foot to the nose and move to the ten.
  • When you are in the right place on the wave you will then feel your board lifting up while you are on the nose in trim.
Step Five:
Cross Stepping Back 
  • Step back with back foot into a hang five
  • Step with front foot, then back foot into center of the board. 
  • Depending on what the next section offers you may walk back to the nose, or continue cross stepping back towards the tail for the next bottom turn. 
  • Keep riding down the line and having fun!  

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