Santa Barbara

It’s everything you thought it would be – and more. The only thing better than living in Santa Barbara is SURFING in Santa Barbara. Epic weather and a wide variety of waves to choose from make this the perfect spot to live your surfing dream. From point breaks to beach breaks, from reefs to man-made spots, waves of every type are just a short drive away from our HQ. We also have a wealth of local knowledge we are happy to share!

The World’s Safest Beach

We’ve been spreading the Aloha spirit from our “home beach” on Santa Claus Lane since 2000, making us the longest-tenured surf school on the Lane. SCL features an even sand bar, a consistent break, and a lack of hazards. Pop some NW and south swells into the mix, and what’s the result? World-class, learn-to-surf waves that gift us with perfect conditions for beginners to learn on. And for you intermediate and advanced surfers, we are mobile, taking you to the best spot for your surfing progression.


Our surf shop and HG is located at 3825 Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria CA. You can also find us directly on the beach on the southern end of Santa Claus Lane directly before reaching the first building on the Lane. Look for the surf lessons sign and our trailer as well as tents and flags on the beach and follow the easement to our headquarters where we are located from June until September each year.

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