Safety & Fun #1

Safety is our Priority

At Surf Happens, we are very proactive with our safety to make sure accidents are next to impossible. But just because they are super rare doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for them.

All instructors are certified in first aid, CPR, and have also participated in the Surf Happens Ocean Rescue and Surfing First Aid course which is the only of its kind in our region.

Our Ocean Rescue and Surfing First Aid course is mandatory for all instructors and is designed to prepare them for ocean-centric emergency situations through practice, preparation, and repetitions. In case of emergency, our instructors are to act as first responders, providing initial first aid, stabilizing victims, and if necessary, activating the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

From one-on-one instruction to surf camps and large group outings, we have you covered. First aid kits are on hand for all programs.

Ocean Rescue and Surfing First Aid Course Highlights:

  • Ocean rescue for conscious and unconscious victims
  • Ocean rescue and spine stabilization for neck and back injuries
  • How to remain calm, collected, and confident in all situations and techniques for keeping victims calm
  • First aid for cuts, bruises, sprains, and breaks
  • How to create a soft splint for the neck, leg, or any broken or severely sprained appendage
  • Creating a pressure bandage to stop bleeding
  • Creating a sling for breaks and sprains
  • First aid for bites and stings