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Surf Happens advanced surfing clinics are the product of over 25 years of first hand competitive experience combined with fourteen plus years of advanced coaching, judging, and the hosting of regional surfing contests including the Rincon Classic. This program is designed for the aspiring amateur athlete who is serious about achieving personal best and searching for an edge over the competition.

In this day and age where free and contest surfing are merging, we focus on a fundamentalist approach that builds into the repertoire. Our goal is to help surfers learn how to play the contest game so well that they are able to free surf within the constraints of the competitive box. We teach by analyzing the best in the business while working with professionals within the sport to provide the most comprehensive free and competitive surf training available.

Our ASC program focuses on the mastering of the art of competition, establishing proper goal setting practices, cross training, technique analysis, perfecting new maneuvers, and career development. We offer weekend workshops as well as progressive six-week series.

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Advanced Coaching Focal Points

  • Advanced technique and studying the principles of “good” surfing
  • Wave selection
  • Speed
  • Style, flow, and positioning
  • Power
  • Repertoire
  • Video & still photography analysis
  • Surfing specific cross training
  • Learn how to build a surfing portfolio
  • Professional surfers and industry guests: what it takes to make it
  • Playing the game: the art of competitive strategy
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