Surf Happens Sisters | Womens Surf Program

SURF HAPPENS SISTERS, the 1st and premier Santa Barbara all-girls surfing program. Our mission: to enrich, empower, and enliven women by connecting them with the rejuvenating power of the ocean and riding waves with each other. Your professional Surf Coach is trained to pass on the tools for success in the ocean, and your fellow sisters offer confidence and support. Join us!

Weekly Group Classes for Surf Sisters

Includes board, wetsuit, and one professional surf coach for every four students.

Dates and Times

Sessions meet Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:30am-11am at Mondos Beach.
If you would like a session on a different day please call or email us, we are always adding new sessions depending on demand

Women’s Groups & Parties

We offer year-round packages to create unforgettable events for small-large groups. Events may include surfing, catering, beach games, photography and video. Books yours today!

Join other women in an intimate surfing group that will help to build your surfing skills and confidence while providing camaraderie and a true surf sisterhood.

Ocean safety: Learning to read the ocean conditions for hazards while identifying how, where & why waves break. Oceanography studies focusing on the geography and hazards of the four primary kinds of surf spots, Beach Break, Point Break, Reef Break, & the Man Made Breaks, Jetty, Pier, and Break water. Learning to read the Wind, Waves, Tides, & Currents, and animal life.

Technique: How to find buoyancy point on any board, paddling, duck diving, efficiently turning board, reading and catching waves, standing up and riding down the line. Timing and session strategy are also points of focus.

Class Includes:

One professional surfing coach to every 4 women with group max at 4

Board and wetsuit rental

Refreshments and snacks after (optional to attend/contribute)

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