What To Bring To Summer Surf Camp

March 30, 2021

You’ve signed up your child for summer camp, scheduled for the exciting week, and as camp fast approaches you’re finding the idea of packing for all that your child might need a stressful activity! That is why Surf Happens, Santa Barbara’s premier surf school has created your master Summer Camp What To Bring Guide!


Bring enough water for a full day in the sun! We recommend you pack 1-2 liters depending on your child’s age. Camp instructors will conduct “hydration breaks” keeping your child healthy and feeling good.

Changing Towel

Having a proper changing towel can be a game-changer when needing to change directly on the beach. Check out our favorite changing towel, available in the Surf Happens shop. The other option is a nice big towel that can be wrapped around the waist and tied off (not recommended for young kids!).


It’s incredibly important to respect the sun and stay covered when spending the day on the beach. Sunscreen’s these days are filled with lots of chemicals that harm our reefs and sea life. That is why we recommend a natural sunscreen that contains non-nano zinc and no harsh chemicals. Camp instructors will help your child apply sunscreen throughout the day. 

Flexible & Warm Clothing  

Beach weather can shift quickly and it’s always good to be prepared with warm layers. We recommend you attend camp in flexible clothing that is easy to change in and out of. After a long surf session, it’s nice to pull on some cozy clothes. 

Swimwear & Wetsuits

It’s the beach, come ready to jump in the water! Depending on the water and air temperature, you will want to be ready with a bathing suit along with a wetsuit. A good wetsuit can go along way in creating a fun beach experience. Check out our favorite wetsuits here, which we provide to all our surf lessons and surf camps. 


Summer camps create lifelong memories and deep friendships. Come to camp prepared to have FUN, learn something new, and get stoked. 

Enjoy the beach!

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